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I'm Yakairy Nicole, better known as Nikki and also Founder of Glow by Nikki. I’m a Licensed Aesthetician with 4 years of experience in the industry, who specializes in result driven Aesthetics and Brow artistry. 


My passion for the aesthetics industry started after struggling with my own skin for years. I spent thousands on products that weren’t right for my skin and unintentionally, I had caused more damage to my skin. Which is a common mistake those who suffer from acne make. I felt desperate, overwhelmed, and my confidence took a big hit. I started doing my research and decided to attend Catherine Hinds Institute to learn about the skin. I graduated in 2018. I knew shortly after that this career was my passion as I witnessed mine & my clients confidence grow as their skin changed without causing long term harmful effects. 

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Our main goal at Glow by Nikki is to educate our clients on how internal and external factors can affect the skin. Combining holistic and medical treatments gives us a unique approach on healing the skin. 


Nikki has dedicated countless hours on continuing her education and perfecting her craft to attain beautiful and long lasting results for her clients. She is certified in Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Body Sculpting, Dermaplaning and much more. 


We value building trust and long lasting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in providing an exclusive and luxurious experience for our clients. Thank You for trusting us 🤍

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